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Ing. Hugo Sampl GmbH wird zu Spring Components GmbH

About us

Our company is a mid-sized family company with the headquarter in upper Styria. All kinds of springs and bending parts had been produced for more than 70 years.

All standard materials but also special alloys can be processed. Our machinery includes more than 50 high-performance machines for the production of tension-, pressure-, and leg springs. Therefore, we can produce high volume series as well as custom made items. Also presses, which are used for the manufacturing of stamped parts, are used. Through our internal tool engineering, we can react flexibly to customer requests and also special requirenments.  We attach importance to quality assurance, therefor a certified quality assurance system is implemented and lived. Our philosophy is to comply with customer wishes, never mind if there is one spring or big series needed.

Technical developments were also beeing carried out and products are brought to the production stage, whereby also montages and various purchased parts can be included.  The development and construction of necessary tools are carried out by our technicians.

In our company, we have included a management system with a fixed lead time, which means we can deliver 90% of our orders within five working days fast, precise and reliable. This short delivery time means additional benefits for the customers.